webMethods8 web services / SOAP Development

One liner requirement: A Provider web service should be developed in wM8 to process requests and return soap responses back to the non webMethods Portal client (.NET)

Custom SOAP processor in wM8

wM7.x allow us to register/unregister custom SOAP processor as directive. The register/unregister processor services are deprecated in wM8 and there are no replacements exist either; so what is the alternative for the custom processor in wM8; or there is no Custom SOAP processor concept in wM8?

Default SOAP Processor in wM8

Is “WS” the default SOAP processor we should select when creating the provider WSD?

What should be the approach in webMethods8 when dealing with web service / SOAP development


Develop end point services
Develop wrapper services accepting soapRequestData & soapResponse objects, getting body and constructing soap responses) for the end point services and create provider WSD for the wrapper services
Generate WSDL from the WSD share it with the client in order for them to invoke

Approach -2

· Develop end point services
· create provider WSD; add end point services to the WSD binder; select directive as “WS”
· Generate WSDL from the WSD share it with the client in order for them to invoke
· In this case, how can we see /log the SOAP request from the client in wM8 at runtime?

in approach-1; WSDL consumer connector can be created; the connector requires soapRequest/soapresponse objects as input. How can we invoke , pass the soaprequest & soapreasonse objects and run connector within wM8 to test the end point service invocations? Is there any tool in webMethods8 to act as SOAP client to do so? i know the i cannot invoke it via browser as we need to pass SOAP object.

Is none of the wM documentation on this topic helpful?