WADL Implementation on webMethods 7X and 8X

Hi All,

I tried searching the webMethods community to search for references on WADL files and turned up a “0”. So thought to share thoughts on the same.

I am trying to implement REST full services on webMethods and the only document that has any kind of information on REST Full service implementation is “REST Developer’s Guide Version 8.2.pdf”, which again is not very very clear. After spending a good 6 hours i was able to get a few things straight with respect to calling my restful service though the browser.

Then came the challenge of generating a WADL file which i needed to import the signature of my restful service in SOAP UI to test the POST protocol for the designed service. To my dismay this was somehow just not possible at all. There seems to be no reference to the same in the above document as well.

If any one has got any ideas/sample packages showing an explanation, it would be much welcomes.