How to use unit test framework suite?

I’d like to learn about the unit test framework. The official documentation says that there is a unit test framework in the Open Perspective, but I can’t see it in my designer program. Is it because it’s a trial version?

What perspectives are you offered?

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I think it depends upon the type of license you have. It is (or was) part of the DevOps edition the last time I had looked at it a couple of years ago. But packaging may have changed since then.

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Well, I have a 10.15 Designer Free Trial running here and it does contain the “Unit Test Framework” perspective.

But let’s see what the OP has to say :slight_smile:


It should be there, we bundle all feature in the download. Service Designer is now fully featured albeit it doesn’t have the plugins for CloudStreams builder or BPMS.



I’ve attached my Open Perspective image.
It doesn’t appear in my designer program.
Is it available in the trial version as well?
Thank you.

Interesting. In that case we probably need more details on what you mean with “trial version” and when/how you downloaded it.

For “reference” the Designer 10.15 trial version I have downloaded about 3-4 weeks ago, does contain the unit test stuff.

After seeing the post, I went to my wM 10.15 Trial Version, and I have the same thing as @biberdw. There is no Unit Test Tramework in my perspective. I’ve installed my version on October 10 2023.

@jahntech.cj If you have it in your perspective, I imagine you have activated it during the installation process.

The topic webMethods Service Designer Free Download FAQs - Knowledge base - Software AG Tech Community & Forums does include Designer Unit Test Framework . You could post a question on that topic to confirm.