how to use AS2 to transport flatfile or other binary data?

Now may I use AS2 of TN to transport flatfile or other binary data with trading partners?
If it is possible,how to set the content-type of HTTP header?I had tried to use AS2 of TN to send flatfile to Cyclone.TN can send out successfully,and Cyclone can receive it,but Cyclone said “unable to construct”…

Hi Kenny,
We have exchanged the EANUCC XML over HTTPS/AS2 successfully in past but EDI or flat files too can be exchanged over AS2.

Question is whether Cyclone is setup correctly? Did it ever process any AS2 successfully, including MDN generation etc…?

Troubleshooting these issues will throw some light on what is happening there.

Also, pls. post the details what error you are getting in cyclon.

  • Bhawesh.

In the wm:EDIINT:send service what is the data content-type for flatfile you have set while sending AS2 to Cyclone?Please let us know more details on your wm AS2 setup.

Isn’t you sending content-type application/x-wmflatfile or text/plain?


Now I had set up them successfully.One key point is find out the content type of cyclone.Then register this content type to webMethods.We need to config a customized service in WmEDIINT web page to process these data with special content type.

Thank you!


Can you please share this forum about in details of that config change/setup you mentioned? If you have free time only.