How to unlock a source-code under Linux?

Hello all!

We got a development server with an NATURAL-Environment installed. If two users try to edit a source-code at the same time, the Error NAT7600 occurs. That’s OK.

But sometimes this Error happens due to a crash of a SPoD-client. Then, we have to clear this lock with the NATURAL-command “UNLOCK”. But this works only under Windows-Environment.

So my question is: How to unlock a source-code under Linux?



I checked with Natural 611 on Windows and Solaris.
Map the environment.
logon to the library
enter “UNLOCK” into the command line
A window appear providing some options to unlock the objects. Please check the NSC definition if you cannot use the UNLOCK command.


Thanks for answering. But my problem is: It seems like Natural 6.1.1 PL 15 doesn’t know the command “unlock”. And the Natural 6.1.1 for Unix Documentation says:

This command is for Natural for Windows.

Back to System Commands Overview.

Hmmm! Now I’m learning! Do I have to map the environment, even if I am already on the server? My question is then: How to map an environment under Linux?

We never did this, because it’s a bit strange to map an environment that is already availalbe…

Yes, the command UNLOCK works from a connected SPoD client ONLY.

When you try it from an “interactive” NATURAL session, you are NOT working on an “already available” server environment, because the NDV server is a separate process !

Maybe a stupid question: Is the SPoD-Client only available for Windows?

Currently - yes.

So (if I understand you correctly) it’s impossible to unlock a source code via Linux. :frowning: …currently

Ok, but what did Michael mean with

I guess NSC means Natural Security. We don’t use this product.

Correct, I’m afraid.

Yes, NSC = Natural Security. When using NSC one can define if a user can

  • not unlock any object
    unlock his own objects
    unlock objects locked by anyone

I had this problem today. I am using NAT63 and NSC63 on Linux, but there is no NDV running. For any reason, the session/process dropped, and I am not able to edit it again. Whenever I try it I receive a message saying that the object is locked, even the user is the same in the message. When I try to use UNLOCK command, I receive the message that I am on Local enviroment.
So, is there a way to unlock the object?

There is no “native” unlock on NAT63 for Linux, but there’s a special update for this, please talk to your friendly support rep and ask them to provide it to you.

Right. Some years ago, I got a utility from the support called UUNLOCK. It starts a Dialog like this:

        NATURAL V 6.3.14 PL 0   Software AG 2013
10:38:14              ***** NATURAL UNLOCK COMMAND *****             2014-03-24
User MYUSER                - Preliminary Version -             Library SAMPLE

         Object name ..... *________________________________

         Library ......... SAMPLE
         DBID ............ 2 ___
         FNR ............. 2 ___

         Locked user ID .. MYUSER _

Command ===>
                  Exit                                                  Canc

How about making this tool official?


does anyone can provide this special update? (instead of our friendly support…) At my own risk