Natural Studio customizations are only saved at closedown

Hi all,

I just wanna vent!

Natural Studio (6.1.1-14) is unstable in our IBM environment. That’s no news, and that’s not what I’m venting about. But it’s frustrating that changes in cusomizations, like User Commands and defining shortcut keys not are saved immidiately after changing them. Only if the whole Natural session ends normaly, the change is saved. However Natural Studio seldom terminates at user request, but rather hangs up or goes down with a GPF. Several times a day.

The workaround is to make the customizations, then close Natural and restart it right after. Then logon on to development environment and read all former open programs into the editor again.

It would be nice if settings would be stored right after appending them in Natural 6.2. Lets hope 8)

That’s interesting! We got the same Problem with our Windows and Solaris Environment.

SPoD client: NAT 6.1.1 PL 16 for Windows
SPoD server: NAT 6.1.1 PL 14 for Solaris

Plus: I know that problem in a Windows <–> Linux Environment, too

With problems I supporse you mean repeatingly terminating client? BTW, on our system it’s especially the terminal emulation causing termination.

Server = z/OS NDV 2.1.4

Dear Henrik,

I guess you reported the problems with the terminal emulations to our support already? If not, please do so.

The first release of Natural 6.2 will not change the behavior regarding saving the settings, sorry. :frowning:
Please open an EP and we will look into this after release of Natural 6.2.


It depends.
Sometimes the Natural client crashes during the terminal emulation is opened.
But the past few days, it happens that Natural closes during call of the help. That means:

  1. I click “Help” in the Natural-Menu
  2. Then I click “Contents” in the Sub-Menu
  3. Natural disapears (without any error-message)


Is that the same Error i described here?

Yes, it is!
BTW: I’m using WIN XP, too.

But the error with the help is another one…

Hi Michael, Yes my collegue had a long discussion about this in SR #572147. It is closed because it was stated to be solved in PL14. But it isn’t - now we await Nat 6.2 before doing further. We have communication problems with SPoD between own and customer’s networks anyway (for instance the Debugger doesn’t work at all).

To shortly describe for other users: The Terminal Emulation makes SPoD crash after about each 5-20 invokings. Sometimes with the message “Terminal Emulation is not installed” + a GPF, other times with other error messages.

Regarding immidiate update of settings I will post a CE request.

Hello all!

We are running PL17 on client- and server-side now. In 4 days, I got 4 crashes! My collegue got the first one today. Normally we got about 5 crashes a day!!

So PL17 is more stable then PL16. But I guess there is still room for improvements.



Unfortunately, things are getting more worse each day. I got 4 crashes today, 3 crashed yesterday, 3 crashes on Tuesday, 3 on Monday …

Matthias, please post a new status again in a month :wink:

Not necessary: I got 6 crashes today - all Terminal-Emulation problems. :frowning:

The terminal emulation is very unstable it seems. All users on my site have it crashing on a regular basis, i.e. several times a day. When activating the terminal emulation with a Natural program, then the 5-10th time it is started Natural crasches. Hope that 6.2 will make it better. I just got PL17, but I think we have had a couple of crashes already.

Our developers also complain of frequent client abends and freeze-ups. This is most often related to terminal emulation. In some cases, a blank emulation window will appear, with the application frozen. The server-side log indicates a full screen was sent to the user, but the client doesn’t present the screen data. Only way out is to cancel the application.

In other cases Natural Studio reports a memory error at a specific address and abends in a more controlled fashion.

I opened a support log about this some months back (SR#592583), which was ultimately closed unresolved because support and developers were unable to reproduce it. (We are unable to reproduce it on demand; the way to reproduce it is to work steadily in SPoD and sooner or later you will get it.)

We are running Natural Studio 6.1.1 (various PLs) on Windows XP and NDV213 on z/OS (soon to be NDV214).