Help - User Locked Error NAT0857

I am a very new Natural Sec Admin for my department. I only have a couple of days training with the previous admin before they retired. Any help is appreciated.

A user is receiving “NAT0857: this user is currently locked”. How do I find the right menu option or area of the Natural environment to reset their password or unlock them?

It’s been a long time - but try logon syssec and then look up the user


At the NEXT prompt, enter UNLOCK to see the list of locked objects. Select offending one to unlock it (assuming it is known that the object is not being held by someone else actively working on it, of course!).

If the user is using NaturalONE, there is also an unlock option from there. Select the object in the “Server” view, right-click and look for “unlock” option on pop-up menu.

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