How to suspend SAP listeners when IS is down?

We have a webMethods 7.1 env with SAP Adapter 6.5 installed. As part of failover testing, we want to bring up one of our IS (which was down at present) with SAP Listeners in disabled state. We were not sure whether we disabled the SAP listeners before we made it down last time. So we want to achieve the following items during this testing:

  • Do we have a way to check from backend, whether the corresponding listener is in disabled state?

  • If SAP listener is in enabled state, we want to disable it from back-end (keeping IS down itself). How can we do that?

  • I remember in SAP 4.6 adapter, we have a setting where we can specify ‘enable the listener when IS is restarted’. I don`t see that kind of setting in SAP 6.5 adapter. Am I right on this?

You can check this place if you are using wM on UNIX.


AFAIK IS does not support Active/Passive clustering, only Active/Active.

What kind of failover are you implementing?

The listener is configured withing a package, and a package is enabled/disabled at startup if the IntegrationServer/packages/PackageName/manifest.v3 has the tag:


You can set this tag to “no”, so when IS starts the package is not enabled.

Maybe the listener has also a configuration file you can change prior to startup, however I don’t know that one… but search for it :smiley:

Good luck.