Losing SAP Listener connection

we are working with IS 7.1.3 on AIX 5.3
Using SAP Adapter - installed Fixes SAP_7.1_Fix3
JCo Version 3.0.6 and IDoc Library Version 3.0.5

In the Adapter Guide is mentioned that with the option watt.sap.listener.checkTime the SAP Adapter is monitoring the connection and will reconnect to SAP if there is a interruption. unfortunately this is not working
SAP is monitoring the connection as well but when the SAP System is not available more then on hour the firewall is cutting the connection. Is the SAP System is up again, the listener connection is not established.

How can the SAP Adapter itself reconnect to the SAP System?

Thanks Kim

When SAP System goes down, your connection state remains enabled unless you refresh the connection or restart Server. Connections start working once SAP system is up.

When Connection node is refreshed or server is restarted if SAP system is unavailable, connection and Listener go to Disabled state. And expect manual action to get them enabled.