SAP adapter configuration


There is probably an easy answer to this one.

Assumimg that your IS is currently stopped. If you want to start the integration server but you do not want all the packages to be loaded what configuration file do you need to edit. Specifically, I do not want the SAP adapter package to attempt to establish any of its automatic connections.

The configuration information is obviously stored somewhere and I want to remove some of the SAP connections or at least prevent them from automatically connecting before I restart the server.



I am not sure why you want this. What is the problem you have exactly??

Here is what i should do:
SAP to wM: Use a startup service that disables the sap listener
wM to SAP: Use some kind of locking mechanismn to prevent data is being sent to SAP. But then you also must build some queing mechanisme, to store the messages that you will resend after the connection is up again (–>difficult). Or use broker retry logic (throwexceptionForretry).

Hope this helps



If you really want to manually doing the task, you can edit

If you don’t want I.S. to load the SAP package, then you can edit
the manifest.v3 under \packages\SAP and change
enabled from “true” to “false”

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