SAP listeners

We are in an evirnment where whe have 2 clustered webMethods IS’s. They work with two synced prod SAP instances. In this case one of the SAP instances is “active” and one is an HA backup. We have the SAP adapter pointed to a floating IP which automatically points to the “active” SAP node. My question is with this setup, what is the correct way to manage the SAP listeners. Documents will be flowing out of just one of the nodes at a time and during any unexpected SAP downtime, the node will flip to the HA backup. This should be transparent to the Adapter, which is pointed to the floating IP address, however, this is a problem for the listeners which are set to listen on only the active node. Is there a way to accurately point the listener at the floating IP since the actual documents will be coming from the underlying IP’s, or should two listeners be set up and manually swapped (this seems to go against HA principals). Any ideas would be helpfull, thanks!

It sounds like cluster and also using any load balancer to flip to HA backup (IS/SAP Adapter) during SAP downtime? Is that HA backup (IS) connected to another SAP client instance… Little bit confused on your setup.