How to setup standalone JAVA client with Broker JMS provider

We would like to use Broker as our JMS provider for standalone JAVA and later J2EE pub/sub applications outside of IS.

The webMethods Messaging Programmer’s Guide Version 1.1 basically says that it can be done, but not how to do it. Page 23 has a high level roadmap: place some of the webMethods jar files in the application path, set up and configure JNDI, configure the objects, and code the program. Doesn’t sound too bad, but the devil is in the details - and I cannot find those.

I would very much appreciate any help:
What needs to be installed, where (client side) and how?
Connectivity configuration and binding info
How to set up webMethods JNDI for now …
Sample of a setup
Sample stand alone Java app clients using the JMS provider for pub sub. Could be “Hello World”.

Hi Larry

Have a look under the JMS section of the Customware FAQ and see how you go with that, if you are still unsure, get back to me!