Where can I find the BrokerJMSProviderProgrammersGuide


I am trying to find the BrokerJMSProviderProgrammersGuide and could not easily find one except a site which charges for it.

I am trying to understand integration of WLS and WebMethods using WebLogic Foreign JMS Server.

A key question that I have about this integration is: do I have to copy a WebMethods specific configuration file containing JMS resource mappings (not just the host name and port for location) but other specific mappings for connection factory etc. to WebLogic. My concern is about maintaining this file, if multiple copies are needed across multiple WebLogic domains.

Thanks in advance


Might the “Messaging Programmer’s Guide” be the thing you’re looking for? It describes how to use Broker as a JMS provider in various app server environments, including WLS.

This was helpful in providing an overview. However, I am looking for details and also trying to find out that instead of installing a client web application in WebLogic, would it be possible o configure a foreign JMS server. A more detailed document on he libraries, the configuration files, descriptor hanges etc would be more helpful.