How to: send smtp email and flag it as High Priority

How to send an email using the smtp and flag the email as High Priority.
I want to use webMethods smtp service to send an email, and flag the email as high priority.
Could not find any solution on the forum. Please advice if theres any way to do this.

Please use the search functionality in this forum,there are lot of thread discussions/helpful threads about the email port configuration etc…in this site…Just do a keyword search:email port



Create MIME message and in Header you can set name/value pair as Priority/urgent and pass to smtp service.


thought of updating this since as I was looking for answer for this question~

You can get the sample code in the latest PSUtilities -> SMTP flow service for setting the high priority emails and attachments! set the value of priority as “1” for marking the mails as “high importance”…make sure you change the configuration file to change the default fromemail , otherwise this service doesn’t work!