How to replace wm.tnweb.querySvc:getPartnerNameAndID with regular WmTN-Services [SOLVED]


I am currently migrating from wM 7.1.x to wM 9.5.

As the Package WmTNWeb is deprecated since 7.1 and has been removed in wM 8.x I am looking for a replacement for this service.

The service returns all Partners and their TN-IDs as a document list named partner from the Server.

name partnerid
Partner1 3t0ggg007au0hul30000000j
Partner2 3t0ggg007au0uq820000000r
Partner3 3t0ggg007au10gsn0000000v
Partner4 3t0ggg007au0on450000000l
Partner5 3t0ggg007au0emit0000000h
Partner6 3t0ggg007au0vt080000000t
Partner7 3t0ggg007au11dvc00000011

If possible I would appreciate a solution by using WmTN Build-In-Services, but a JDBC-Adapter approach will be fine too.

Your ideas are welcome.

Hi Holger,

You may use [IS 8.2.2]:



Hi Rankesh,

thanks for your reply.

Yes, this was the solution for my issue.