How to register a queue?


I have created a service and I made it as “Scheduled Service” using “” and I can see the same service in customer profile>> Delivery Method >> Use Private Queue >> Delivery Service.

But I can’t see the same service in Use Public Queue and
I can’t see in Processing Rule >> Action >> Deliver document by >> Scheduled Delivery (Here only the queue name gets displayed I guess).

I see this service “” which register the queue. But the input is an object. How to use this service and register the service as queue. I would like to get the Registered Queue in Profile >> Action >> Scheduled Delivery.

Verified the pdf’s. not getting the enough information on that. Guide me on this.
Else refer me to the doc to which I need to refer.



Hi All,

In TN >> Tools >> Registry >> Public Queue place we need to create the Queue. Once we created this it gets displayed in Processing Rule >> Action >> Deliver Document by >> Scheduled Delivery. We can do the same using MWS. I didn’t try this option, Mover over the 8.2 Version pdf’s which I referred they didn’t tell this TN option (since it’s deprecated). My Issue resolved :slight_smile:


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