How to make GUI in JAVA for TAMINO????

Hi all,
with the help of PERSONSCHEMA i made a simple java application for my document and now i want to make the graphical user interface of it…i mean using applets and all…is there any link from where i can understand how can i make a GUI???so that i dont have to write the queries in my CODE…instead i should b able to query or delete the database from the user-interface…
Can anyone suggest me something ???
I will be looking forward to some suggestions atleast… :?

I’m unclear as to what you are trying to do…what do you expect to see in a GUI? If you are writing a Java applet or JSP to display and maintain your data, you will need some database interface to obtain and update the data, which means writing queries and Tamino API calls from your code. You can query and delete from the user interface such as the Tamino Interactive Interface, but that would have little to do with writing a GUI.

You can look into the Tamino X-Application tool - see Home > Tool & Services > Source Add-On Software ( for a framework for database maintenance.

First of all…THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your reply…i really appreciate it… :smiley:
ok,i will tell you wat exactly i want to make…actually i have to do my university project in TAMINO…so,in that i have to make an application(exactly as u said…somethin like tamino interactive service)…but i have to write a JAVA CODE(by the way i m using JBUILDER9) for that…like in the example in the tamino package PROCESSPERSON, in that particular example if we want to query something then i m writting somethin like :

TQuery querysome = TQuery.newInstance( xmlObject.getDoctype() + “[//NAME=‘Atkins’]” );

we are writting the query inside the java code only but i want to make a window in which i will write any query and then by pressing a button and then it should show me the result…just a simple GUI in java…but i dunno how to make it…as i m new to java as well as to tamino…so thats the BIGGEST PROBLEM for me…so i just want to know if i can find the code somewhere that shows me how to make a GUI(a simple window with the help of which i can insert the documents,query them or delete them…just like tamino interactive…but simpler version of it)
as u mentioned i will need some DATABASE INTERFACE…from where can i find it???
i hope now u understood my problem and will try to HELP ME…:slight_smile:
thanks a lot once again for your reply.

The Tamino access and the GUI are 2 separate things.

I suspect that JBuilder probably has a GUI builder to help you build a GUI. It would probably be Swing related. Swing is the normal way of building a Java GUI.

The Tamino Schema Editor + Tamino Explorer are Java GUIs that use the Java API to access Tamino. Unfortunately the source code for these is not available.