Basic Query

Can someone give me an example of a basic query I can use. Also, what can I do to test my code on a computer where Tamino is not installed. I just got hired to write a front end to a Tamino XML database. Can someone help me out, I have no clue, but can learn real fast. thanks, blair

Hi Blair,

as you probably know, Tamino is currently only addressable via HTTP. Each of the APIs that are available present the developer with a language specific view, but behind the scenes they all build a HTTP request and present the HTTP response in some appropriate format (such as an enumeration).

The simplest way of testing a query is probably to use a browser.
A query which works on all Tamino 3.1 databases is: http://localhost/tamino/welcome3_1_1_1/ino:collection?_xql=/xs:schema

(You should modify the hostname and database name appropriately for your setup.)
This query will return all the XML Schemas defined in the database - there are always some infrastructure Schemas defined, so there will be results even if you haven’t defined any schemas of your own.

How you test your code on a computer which doesn’t have Tamino installed will depend largely on how you implement your code.
For example, if you write a servlet (in whichever language) which is deployed on the same machine as Tamino, you could access the servlet via a browser as if it were a normal webpage.
If you write some client-side code, you will need to setup the appropriate environment on the client side. So, if you write some Java code, you’ll need to deploy the required Jar files, set the classpath, and so on.

If you have a Windows installation of Tamino, have a look at the “Welcome to Tamino” pages that you will find from the Start menu:
Start → Programs → Tamino 3.1.x → Welcome to Tamino.
There are some steps in there to install sample schemas & documents.

Beyond that, you can find more information in the Tamino documentation. There is specific information on using Tamino X-Query, the APIs and so on.
If you run into any problems, these forums are a good place to ask for help.

Good luck - and have fun!

so i can be on another computer with IIS under windows and place an http query call to ANY url which contains an XML database?

if so, I’d like to test out any code i make, so are there any tamino public XML databases i can query that show what’s in the database?

i just need a non bs link to a page where the code is explained on how to query! tamino query language or asp preferred. javascript is fine too. with either, how do you format the results?