How to make an alias for a URL

Hi all,
I have to mask the actual service invoke from the browser so we have to decided to give a alias to the actual url which will be invoked from the browser. How to do this any tips.

You can write a simple HTML page which does a redirect. Within the HTML, use a FRAMESET to hide the actual URL representing the invoked service.

Name the HTML document as you would like it represented in the browser Address Bar. It can have any name you wish.

Your HTML should look like this:

<TITLE>[Your Title]</TITLE>
<FRAME SRC = “blank.html” FRAMEBORDER = “0”>
<FRAME SRC = “[URL to your B2B Service]” FRAMEBORDER = “0”>
<noframes>Your browser must be frame-enabled.

Be sure to create an empty HTML document named “blank.html”. That document should look like this:


Using this solution, your end-user will be able to view the target B2B URL by selecting “View Source…”. If it is essential that the URL be completely hidden from the end-user, this is not your best solution.