Redirect URL or a Web service

I suppose I am not the first user asking this king of question but I would like to know how to redirect URL of a web service provider create on IS :

I have the following url

I want to redirect

I try in Setting → Web Services in IS and Web Service Provider Endpoint List but I don"t know how that’s work

Hi Vital,

please check the following URLs:

This shows the list of availabe WebServices on the IS.

The Client should access the WebService via

WSDL can be downloaded via

The correct values can be retrieved via the service properties in Designer.


Thanks for reply.
Yes I know what you are saying.
The fact is I dont want that Customer browse to web service via url : http://IntegrationServer/ws/ , I want he access in http://IntgerationServer/ws but I dont’ want change any folder or services in Integration server

Hi Vital,

in this case I think we are talking about different things.

If the WebService is meant to be invoked via SOAP-Request the “http://IntegrationServer/ws/” is the correct choice.
Only the URL “http://IntegrationServer/ws/?WSDL” shoud be used with Browsers to check the WSDL.

Customers/Clients should not be using “http://IntegrationServer/ws/” directly.


Hello Holger,
Thanks for your reply.

Can’t we use the URL aliases menu in integration server to redirect the Web Service Url ?

Hi Vital,

I dont think so.

AFAIK Aliases only allow to change address, ports, credentials, certificates.

I am looking for something similar as we have to different sets of services to be invoked:

  1. the real webservice of the partner system
  2. a testing webservice (stub) at our own server to simulate the partner when partner system is not available

As the two services have different URLs using aliases is currently not possible here.

Might be worth a feature request at Brainstorm.