how to overwrite port address in web services

Hi ,

We can overwrite the host and port name by configuring alias in the IS Admin page. But how can we overwrite the end point alias.

My endpoint alias varies accordingly for each environment.

I can change it by using a config parameter and passing it the URL in the web service connector.

But, would like to know is there any configuration for it just like the one for host and port .



You can pass in the endpoint alias to your web service connector through “endpointAlias” just like _url.
But, may I know the reason why you are maintaining different endpointAlias names in each environment? As name says, it is meant to be an ALIAS and only its configuration is meant to be changed. having different endpoint alias names in each environment kind of beats its purposr a little.


Sorry for incorrect info .

The web service from the source system has different endpoint address after the hostname and port for each environment.

example : http://hostname:port/test?WSDL in Staging and http://hostname:port/Prd/Test?WSDL in Production .

Now , I can configure only hostname and port in the ALIAS but how can I change the remaining endpoint address.

I want to know is there any default configuration in IS page or binder property page to change the portAddress instead of passing it using a property file or from table.

And I didn’t get your point regarding “You can pass in the endpoint alias to your web service connector through “endpointAlias” just like _url.”



It won’t be a good design for web service endpoint address if it needs to change the remaining endpoint address, not only hostname and port. Secondly, to be clear, http://hostname:port/test?WSDL is not a endpoint, is a WSDL address.
At last, it seems that no way to do your request.


this is a very interesting question at all.

I am interested in a solution too.

We are using a workaroung currently:
We have the complete URL in a properties file and pass this over to the WS connector.
This is somewhat historical as we have just done a migration from wM 7.1 to wM 9.5.
Endpoint aliases are not available in wM 7.1.

Our business case for the feature requested by sathya is that we have to different WS consumer targets for our environments:

  • The real one of the target system at the partner side.
  • And a target for automatic testing (i.e. for regressions). This target takes the request and dump it to a file system for comparison with prepared reference data. Additionally it provides a response if neccessary.

Actually we are adjusting the URL in the properties file, but it would be nice if this would be possible in the Endpoint Alias in the IS Admin UI.