Webservices - Deployment

Hi Team,

Could you please help me understand the below points:

1.If we are using the webservice consumer in Test env and we need to migrate it to Prod env, What all we need to do?

I mean the source uri for test and Prod is different . So how can this be taken care ?

2.Secondly, the WSDL URL …This is generated when we consume the URL and contains the host and port the server in which it is created.Once moved to Prod servers , how this can be changed.

3.What other points we need to check while migrating a webservice from test to Prod env.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Priyanka,

I would suggest that you create a WS Alias for your consumer WebService.
This alias will point to test URL on Test and to the Prod URL on Prod.

See WebService Development Guide for details.

There is no need to modify the source URI.

When moving from Test to Prod I would suggest to use Deployer as this will check for any missing dependencies and will do the modifcations if neccessary.
See Deployer Users Guide for details.


As Holger mentioned above, you can create the WS aliases for your consumer/provider WS via the ISAdminConsole portal section:

You may explore these options when moving thru different higher environments!