service calling via URL


I am working on an old web project concepted with webmethods.

This web application essentially consist into an html page containing a form
We call this page using the following URL : http://myIS/MyApplicationPackageName/index.dsp

Target of the form is an URL calling a server “central & unique” service like this : /invoke/lyr.spy.ui/getData
This lyr.spy.ui:getData service do it’s work and generate an html response.

My administrator want that we stop to call the service using the invoke url and to use anoter URL like this : http://myIS/MyApplicationPackageName/somethingWhichExecuteMyService

Is it possible to do that in an easy manner (ie without redoing the whole web application)?

Thanks for your help

Not sure if it suits your requirement. From wM 8.2 and above we have http url alias.


I am using v9.6, so I assume it should be OK. How do it work ?

Can you read About URL Aliases for Services page 171 from 9-6_Service_Development_Help guide.

Let me know if you have questions.

Thanks for your help, it works perfectly :smiley:

Good to know that you figured it out. Merci :slight_smile: