Interactive Interface via HTTP


You can have a shortcut button on the interactive interface when this one is started via HTPP.

For that I’ve configured the HTTPD.CONF of Apache :

Alias /tii/ “C:/Program Files/Software AG/Tamino/Tamino\Tamino Interactive Interface/xql.htm”

Now when I start the Interactive Interface in IE 6.x via http//localhost/tii/ then a page is opened with two frames (like the normal interface window, but in both the text ‘Object not found’ is given.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Hi whe,

the problem is that using the file name in the alias does not work with Apache. I have fiddled around with that, too. Even if I specified that “xql.htm” should be taken as directory index like “index.html” it did not work.

You should try using an alias like this:
Alias /tii “D:/Program Files/Software AG/Tamino/Tamino Interactive Interface”

Then you can open the TII with the url

Hope that helps

It works fine