Redirect aliases

We have in our Integration Server, created web service.
But the name of the web service is :

But for the client we decide to give him the following path :

We manage that with our proxy.
But in SoapUI that doesn’t work.
I guess it’s because of <soap:address location> node in wsdl with contains the foloowing path :

I saw that if I use endpoint Alias list in intergration server, I can change the EAIServer.domain:5555 by a alias I created on IS.
But first : I can not give the https aliases I can change in Bingers tab of my web service in designer. I must give the port I don’t want. And I can not change the path.

Could you help me?


You should be able to change endpoint in SoapUI, regardless of the information in the WSDL.

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What do you mean ?
Download the wsdl in a file, then chand then endpoint address then call the downloaded and modified file as wsdl ?

Hi Vital,

Gerardo meant to just edit the Endpoint address in SoapUI and specify the varying path which then should be handled by your proxy.

May I ask which version of wM we are talking about and who has created the WSDL (wM itself, your Partner or was it manually created externally)?


I don"t know how to change endpoint adress in SOAP UI. Im not a good practicer of SOAP UI.
Usually I create a new sopa project, I give my wsdl and I wait that generate my project. But here, that doesn’t work and my feeling say it is due to endpoint address. And I confirm it is the case because if I download wsdl from designer (copy and past in fact in new file) and I change the endpoint address, that works… Not exactly : I can create the project but I have a SSL issue if I run. (I have to see with my network team in my company because I have to manage certificate).

To answer to your question I have the 9.10 version of wM and the WSDL was created by our Customer. We just insert in the WSDL in Integration Server

Hi Vital,

the SSL might have to do with some watt-Settings in your IS as well as the Java Version you are running SoapUI on.
What is your SoapUI version?

For one Request in SoapUI it is possible to have multiple Addresses where the request can be set to.
This information will be stored in the project file.
Just right click on the address line after opening the “Reques1” (or what ever it is called) and select “edit”.
After that enter the modifyied endpoint.


my soapVersion is 5.3.0

You said that the infrmation is stored in project file but to have a prject file, a project has to be generated from wsdl. But if in my soap project I have a wsdl with url (from reverse proxy) which is different from my endpoint address (from IS), I can not generate the project, I have no project file neither request file to create.


Don’t worry, it is quite simple:

  • you generate your SoapUI project as usual, with a WSDL file or a URL to the wsdl endpoint.
  • you can then change the actual calling endpoint on the SoapUI service properties (1) or the request address bar (2) – see picture - in this case, I am using SAG’s Optimize Analytic Engine Shutdown Service as an example.

If you use the service properties, you can then assign the endpoint to all requests and test requests of your project.

More info on the SoapUI docs.

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OK that’s work thanks.

OK That’s work !