Server Alias !

Hello people of the wMLand !
We have an issue at hand that requires us to change the name of the hosts so that the apache server can route requests to the right target IS.

For instance if the box name is as following…u would type this to bring up the console:

Another way to access this box is:

now for instance i want the whole thing to be changed from all the above to the following:

how do i do that?
Is that even possible?
I understand there is no way you could mess with WmRoot…so Im not even looking there…

Experts please help !
Scoobydoo !!!

You could use DNS entries to provide virtual names to your IS instances. That’s pretty common so that integration components are (relatively) isolated from host name changes.

Would advise against creating an entry that maps to [url]http://hostname:5555/WmRoot/[/url]. The simplest way to deal with this “extra” typing is to create a bookmark.

thanks a lot for the response.I was hoping a solution was possible from webMethods side.But this sounds good too !!!
Dude you’re a life-saver !!!