Can the pass-thru servlet and Tamino be on different machine


I need to run the pass-thru servlet on one machine and Tamino on a different machine. The servlet container is WebLogic and the TaminoTest works fine.

The documentation shows this to call the servlet…

http://localhost/servlet/styler/tamino/mydb/mycollection?_xql(1,10)= mydoctype&_xslsrc=myxslcollection/myxsldoctype/mystylesheet.xsl

but that implies that the “styler” servlet alias knows how to find the local “tamino” database as the USI is relative.

So: Is it possible to use an absolute URI, or to somehow proxy the address so that the relative URI is correctly interpreted?

Thanks for any guidance!!
John Russo
pre-sales SE, Boston, MA

Hi John,

the pass-thru servlet has to run on the same machine as the Tamino server. In the following request to the pass-thru servlet the Tamino URL is built from the bold parts:

For the _xslsrc parameter you can specify an absolute URL. So, the stylesheet can reside on a different server.

If you use a relative URL for the stylesheet, please notice that the documentation is not completely correct. The documentation says, that the stylesheet has to reside in the same database. Correct is that the stylesheet has to reside in the same collection:
http://localhost/servlet/styler/tamino/mydb/mycollection?_xql(1,10)= mydoctype&_xslsrc=myxsldoctype/mystylesheet.xsl

Why do you need to run the servlet on a different machine?

Best Regards

Hi John,

another idea to your problem: Tamino server can be installed on a different machine than the web server. For instance if you have an Apache web server you can run your Tamino server on a different machine by adding the following lines to httpd.conf:

<Location /tamino/mydb>
SetHandler ino
Port 4711

You’ll find more information about this in the chapter “Configuring Tamino” of the Tamino docu.

Best Regards

The customer’s environment is VERY unique (not at all like our out-of-the-box environment). They run in a datacenter like environment with each box running a limited number of applications. Specifically:

Server A: iPlanet Web Server/NT
Server B: iPlanet Web Server & Tamino services/SUN
Server C: BEA WebLogic/SUN (for servlet container)

So I really have two configuration challenges:
1) iPlanet plugin on Server A for redirecting normal Tamino http requests to Server B
2) Proxy or alias on Server C that interprets the “hostname/tamino/” portion of the pass-thru servlet’s constructed URI as a reference to Server A, which then uses rule 1 above to request data from Tamino on Server B.

So: Is this techincally possible? Is it practical? Are there alternatives ?

What I’d really like is for the pass-thru-servlet to accept 2 parameters: fully qualified Tamino query string and fully qualified path to the stylesheet!

Thanks again,
John Russo

I seem to recall that I posted an alternative to the Tamino Pass Thro servlet some time ago. My version did support fully qualified URLs as you are requesting.

If you cannot locate the download let me know and I will send you a copy.

Kind regards,