how to maintain and log files, DB Tables Records

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I have webmethods 8 SP2 in windows 2003 standard edition vth 40GB and 4GB RAM and using 2000 SQL Database, here i need any help to handle the server log , error log, MWS log ,Optimise logs file and DB Tables Records maintanance, can any one help me steps to backup the all log files and DB Tables records.

I installed webmethods in windows 2003 server almost 6 months back, now hard disk memory utilized with log files and DB Tables Records.

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Anil Kumar Ellendula

Any reply how to Archive/Purge the log files and DB tables records.

anil kumar ellendula

For Archiving of DB records, you have three ways to do it … as mentioned in mywebmethods or monitor user guide (am not sure of which one among them), but you can certainly archive database tables from MWS, other way is to schedule the stored procedures provided by SAG which gets automatically installed into your database when you configure Archiving DB component…

for archiving of log files, its a manual activity atleast SAG does nt really provide any out of box feature to archive log files… may be you can write some utility services to move the files from one location to other…