how to kill the services process in integration server

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i have the flow service, which doing the flatfileschema conversion, my flatfile has 3million records, while executing the flow service , flow service going to running process, it is still running after 5-6 hours,in service usage of integration server it showing processsFlatConversion(1) always, can any one help how to kill this service.

Anil Kumar Ellendula


Which wm version you are running on, prior to 8.X there is no facility to kill any running process (thread). You can try to reload the package but it doesnt not work than i m afraid restart is the only option left for you.

But i would like to suggest you to eliminate the architectural problem which is creating bottleneck for you, because is certainly cant be permanent solution and situation will reoccur with large data again… use NodeIterator for flatfile parsing instead of whole file. consider other ways to optimizing your solution to deal with large file handling.


hai ,

Am using webmethods 8.0.1 version , yes am using nodeIterator option flatfile parsing, is it possible to kill the servicess processes in wM8.0.1, tell me how can i?

anil kumar ellendula

Restarting IS is the only safe way to do so. Killing threads in a JVM is a bad idea.

thanks for reply reamon, i am using developement environment , doing development and doing testing my services,it is very hard to restart the IS every time, am Panic to restart the IS every time, because this environment using other developers also, please tell me how kill the Threads in wm 8.0.1.

anil kumar ellendula

Hi Anil,

As reamon correctly pointed out, its quite tricky and not advisable to kill the threads.
But i still feel development enviornment is play box and you can play with the new option given in wm 8.

for killing the thread, server property “watt.server.threadKill.enabled” should be set to true from extended setting, i guess default value for the same is true only.

Then click on System threads from the statistics page on IS-Admin and look for the thread you want to kill, be advised that threads related to custom written java/flow service can be only killed but not the system threads. againts the running thread you will see option for killing/canceling it. By clicking on that you can do the same.

PS: killing/cancelling be only available for the theads where threads can be killed, its not available for all running threads on IS.

hope it helps.


thanks for reply,

i gone through IS Administration guide, i did same what you mentioned here but in statistics page how can i identify which thread is my java/flow service thread.

anil kumar ellendula

Hi All,

Please let me know the solution, how to find the specific thread for the flow/java service.


whenever you will call your custom service (flow/java) service it will get associated with thread… and you shd be able to see the thread on this page… say for example you calling pub.client.http service where the calling party is not responding and you dont have timeout… you will be able to see service thread against (HTTP thread)…

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