how to kill the services process in integration server

Hi all,

i have the flow service, which doing the flatfileschema conversion, my flatfile has 3million records, while executing the flow service , flow service going to running process, it is still running after 5-6 hours,in service usage of integration server it showing processsFlatConversion(1) always, can any one help how to kill this service.

Anil Kumar Ellendula

If it is showing processsFlatConversion(1) that means that there is some kind of hung thread here. To kill the same you will need to reload the package where the service is housed. In my recommendation you can use a BPMS based flow to invoke this service which will give you transaction control to stop/suspend/run the service instance as per your requirement.

PS: Be careful as reloading the package will kill all running instances of the service which are even running properly.

i have killed the services threads from statics page->system thread–> and re-loaded the package, it is reolved the problem.

thanks for reply

Can you please help me in understanding how you have killed the service
under statics page->system thread–>


it is possible to kill in webmethods 8 version, which version are you using?, if ur using wM8 than please set the property in watt.server.threadKill.enabled=true settings-extended, restart the Is, if any of the threads taking time while ur runing ur integration, u can see in server-statistics-system threads, here u can see thread with cancel and kill icons, here u can click the kill icon to kill the thread.

anil kumar elelndula