Killing running service

Hi all
In my production system (unfortunately, still SAP BC 4.8 = IS 4.6) i have some scheduled tasks. Some tasks because of network problems can run very long time (i think, infinitive) and i should stop (kill) it after some time.
I can get list of currently active services by wm.server.query:getAllServiceStats, but i can’t find how to kill some flow?
Does anybody knows how?
Thanks at advance
BR, Alex

which version of webMethods r u using, in webMethods 8 version u can able to kill the flow service.
if you are using wm8 version in Settings–>Extended please set the extended setting as watt.server.threadKill.enabled=true, than restart the IS, if u do this setting you can see the threads in server–>Statistics–>System threads, here you can able to kill the flow service thread

anil kumar ellendula


what’s the way to kill the thread in wM 7.1 version…

Thanks in advance…
Vishnu Charan.T

I know about this possibility in WM8, but unfortunately i have only 4.6 :smiley:

This Feature is available from wM8 versions

Please refer Thread [url], metioned the Reload the Pacakge, may have chance of killing the services, instead of restarting IS

Anil Kumar Ellendula

Here’s a general guideline to consider: Never. Kill. Threads.

There have been a couple of recent discussion threads in the forums that discuss why killing threads is a Bad Thing.