How to kill a service that is continuously running?

How to kill a service that is continuously running?


Not clear about your question.

Do you mean how to kill a service that is running in developerm when ur tracing/debugging the same?

If yes … try this

go to Menu -->Test–>Resest option


Thank you for your response.

I have a flow service. whenever i am running the service in Developer, its been running uninterruptedly, When i cancel/stop the running service, the back end thread is still running. If we see in Administrator–>Server–>Service Usage,
there you can find the running services. I am unable to kill that thread.

Hi Akash,

         Go to Administrator -> Server -> Statistics. There you can find "System Threads" under "Current" column. Click on that, you will redirect to the list of System Threads. There you will have the option to Cancel or Kill the Thread of a current running service.

Hi Akash,

As Venu Ponakala suggested you can either kill or cancel a thread that is running from a long time (refer admin guide of v8.1.2)

Just for your information we do not have the same option in wM v7.1.2 and for this you may use the below option

1> write a java service
2> reload the package or enable/disable the package on IS
3> Restart IS (best solution :lol: )
4> You have to investigate as why the flow service is running continuously (it might be using repeat step)

Hope this option helps u