Thread Time

Hi Team,

Could anyone help me understand the below:

If a parent service has n numbers of child services then how can we find out which child thread is taking more time to get processed.

Thanks in advance.


Did you try look up in the Service Usage page or IS threads page for this duration info?

Also you can add some public or event stats logic in your package/code to measure the processing times and log it in the server log in lower environment part of the performance throughput etc…


The crude way to get the service execution times is to capture the start and end times or elapsed time with the help of BIS present in WmPublic.

There are other utility tools like Insight WmAudit, NanoScope and others kindly look out in forum.


WmProfiler and Sky Profiler. These are the list I remember currently out of my mind.

I like your crude way idea :))-