How to install trial version of Natural and Adabas on Windows

How to install trial version of Natural and Adabas on windows ?
Could you please provide me the link for downloading Natural and Adabas

Hi @Deepak5,

Adabas & Natural Community Edition is available here:

In there you will also find the Getting Started guide for your convenience.

Hope this helps,

Hi @borislav.hristov - I have downloaded - ‘ONE_9.1.2.CE’, ‘Docker Desktop Installer’ but still having issues in installation.
When I run and install Natural One, it installs but when I run a HelloWorld program I get a error.
On looking further, I see I must have docker installed. The docker is not getting installed as it is missing Hyper-V.

I have a laptop with Win10 Home edition. Is it not possible to install and Use Natural Windows version with this Window 10 Home edition?

Kindly assist.

Sreekanth Prasad

Hi Skreekanth,

As you have found out, Windows 10 Home does not support Hyper-V, Microsoft’s virtualization solution. You have to have Windows 10 Pro and also a CPU that supports virtualization and also SLAT (secondary address translation table, or something like that). So if your CPU is compatible you could upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, run Hyper-V and install Docker containers.

Alternately, you could try a different virtual solution, like VirtualBox, free from Oracle, and see if that lets you load Docker containers. I believe it will, from what I’ve read, but have not tried it. If it works you could then see if NaturalONE will run on Windows 10 Home and access the Adabas & Natural servers in the Docker containers. Adabas, Natural and NaturalONE have never been advertised to run on Windows 10 Home, only on Pro, but it might work. Can’t hurt to try.

Good luck,

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Hi George - thankyou for your inputs.
I finally managed to get NaturalOne running on Win 10 Home edition.
Now I have, Docker running Linux containers and able to connect and execute Natural code connecting to ADABAS.

Sreekanth Prasad

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