How to import nirvana's imports when creating a new API comm

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to create some API’s with Nirvana API to improve our service monitoring inside UM.

But, I’m having some errors on imports. These lines:

import com.pcbsys.nirvana.client.nSessionAttributes;
import com.pcbsys.nirvana.client.nSession;
import com.pcbsys.nirvana.client.nSessionFactory;

It simply doesn’t find these files.

I did a search inside the forum looking for something related to include these packages on project build but I didn’t find anything.

Please, what should I do?

Thank you!

Hi Renan,

this is a known issue as Designer Classpath is not aware of the libs which are part of IntegrationServer Classpath.

You will have to add those libs to the classpath of your IS package Project (when using LocalServiceDevelopment feature).
Or you can just ignore these errors as long as the service is compiled correctly against the IS directly upon save.

The mentioned classes are part of the UniversalMessaging Shared Libraries component.
Make sure that you add this component when installing Designer.
These jars should be located under common directory in your webMethods installation directory.