Can't use the bundle's class methods

Hi experts!

For some reason, I am able to import my OSGi bundle’s classes but I can’t call their methods…

Basically what I have done was:

  1. Create a simple Java project called “DataValidation”;
  2. Export it as a JAR file;
  3. Go to the Bundle Manager view in Designer and create an OSGi bundle based on this JAR file (default configuration values);
  4. Go to the Bundle Publisher and publish my new bundle file to the IS;
  5. Create a new Application Platform project and add the library “Application Platform Shared bundles” with its respective bundle file path;
  6. In the Application platform project, I am able to import the classes and create instances out of them, but then I can’t call any method.

NOTE: all the classes methods are public.

Any idea why? Thanks!!

Did you add the jar file to your build path in eclipse project settings ?

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