Processing @ExposeToIS

I successfully published bundle from designer to remote IS.
It appears in logs
BundleWatchdogImpl] - ADDED bundle for file /u01/wm912/profiles/IS_default/workspace/app-platform/deployer/bundles/

Unfortunatelly there is no generated IS Service package from it even when I annotated service properly.
What process that anotations, what process is responsible for generatiion IS service?
Where shall I look for any clue…?
Pls help.

Hi Jacek,

I’m facing the same issue. Were you able to get past this issue?

Unfortunately, Software AG doesn’t have simple step-by-step procedure for this App Platform. Heard that there are doing this as “Recipes” starting from Version 10.4.


Hi, Please ensure all fixes from Empower are installed.

There are some tutorials and other resources here.