How to import java service programatically into IS

I am creating java services to call CICS transactions on the mainframe using an IBM product called CTG. We currently have a java code generation process that exposes 500+ services implemented as CICS transactions. This generated code encapsulates the CTG and makes it pretty simple to expose these java methods as java services in IS. I have written a code generator that reflects on this generated code and creates XSD and java service code for each of these APIs. I can import my java code using jcode, but with over 500 of these to do, I would like to find some way to create the input and output documents for each of these programmatically, rather than manually importing 1000+ document types from XSD (1 request and 1 response for each service) in Developer.

Ideally, I would like a utility like jcode to import the document types for these, but that doesn’t exist.

Is there an API I can use to import these into IS?

Am I left with inferring the .ndf schema and generating that?

Or is my only option to sit down and start creating all of this manually?

Any ideas or advise is welcome.


I would try to un-hide the WmRoot package and look inside there for some internal services, which might help. (There’s probably one that creates doc type.) Of course, usage of these services are not supported so experiment in a sandbox environment.
One other thing… Try to split out the elements (java services and doc types) into multiple packages in logical manner.

For unhide WmRoot package we need to set the following property in extended settings