How to extract an IS document to a csv file

Does anyone know an efficient way of extracting an IS document to a csv file or any text output? We have a XSD but that file has been out dated. Since then, the IS document has been updated without updating the XSD.

If you are looking for a way to map a IS document to flatfile, xslt should be an easy way to do it.
it’s also portable to other systems.

Thanks. I’ve found a convoluted way to do this. Sorry if I didn’t mentioned this before, but the purpose of extracting the elements that contains in the IS document is for documenting purpose. The user wants to know what are all the fields or elements in the IS document. So, what I did was to invoke the createXSD service and use XMLSPY to translate the XSD to a more friendly file for the user.

Are you saying that I can also invoke a service that’ll create the xslt from an IS document?

Your question was a bit ambiguous–when I read it I thought you wanted to create a csv from an IS document instance–e.g. write the values of the document to a file. For that, use the flat file services.

If you want to get a listing of the field names defined in the IS document type, you followed a reasonable approach.

You are on the right direction:

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