How to identify business doc in EDIINT

Hello Everyone,

We are in the designing phase of the AS2 EDIINT project. One of our requirements is to identify differently a Purchase Order document from an Invoice document. We do not want to identify all documents as an ‘EDI’ message. I am pretty much sure most of you would have come up with this requirement. Please let me know if you already have a way to achieve this.

-Rajesh Rao

Hi Rajesh,

AS2 EDIINT handles data. It does not differentiate between XML, EDI, FlatFiles or like. So depending on document standard used, Trading Networks server should be configured to identify each document type differently. You may go through “Using EDIINT to Transport Document” in webMethods EDI Module User’s Guide.


Hi Rajesh,

Was wondering if you got your question answered. I have thesame question can you throw some light on the workaround


I suppose if you import the EDI transaction set in TN and create a processing rule based on the document type you can invoke different services. Identifying the docment type is standard TN function.