How to hide unwanted asset types in CentraSite 9.6?

Hi, I wanted to apply the AdvancedSettings plugin in 9.6 but it won’t install and I don’t have all the libraries for rebuilding. does anyone have any suggestions?

if you want to hide asset types that you are not using, you need to turn off the option “Visible in Asset Browse” to hide it from that list. I’m not clear on what plug-in you are trying to install - the facility is included in the CentraSite Control console as long as you have the appropriate role (e.g. CentraSite Administrator). Go to Administration > Types, click on the name of the asset type you want to hide, click on “Edit” from the Asset Details page and select Advanced Settings.

Hello Darin,

I wrote this Plug-In. But didn’t test it so far for 9.6.
Can you please tell me more about the error?


Hi Theo,

Sorry I haven’t been able to respond sooner. Like many before me the pluggin manager claims an error on the zip file and despite many attempts to download, it never resolved. So I resorted to unzipping locally which worked without error and then re-zipping again without complaint.

When installing via the plugin manager all seems to go well and then an empty pop up box! and no Advanced option under Administration.



Thanks Theo,

Just the job your latest 9.x plugin works just fine. Just incase anyone reading this thread is confused why this plugin is wanted, all i can suggest is you “time” your action to “hide” from search and/or browse via editing the asset type and then consider how long it will take to do the same for n asset types and you will soon appreciate the ability to perform the same action on one screen and only take seconds.

Thanks again Theo