How do we integrate CentraSite 8 with Developer 7.1.2?

I am new to CentraSite and am in the process of reading the documentation on CentraSite. We have been using Developer 7.1.2 for developing webMethods services/packages for the last 2 years now. As the number of assets are growing, we are looking at ways of introducing governance procedures for managing the assets. Can we integrate CentraSite 8.0.4 with Developer 7.1.2? If so, could you please let me know how we go about this task?


Install the Centrsite Eclipse plugin for the Designer and this will help you develop and “manage” Assets from the Designer IDE.

Use the Centrasite perspective while in Designer. Please refer to the below link, hope this helps!


The term “manage” has been used loosely, since it will give most but not all the functionality provided through the browser.


Hi Akshith,
I tried to click on the link provided in your response but it does not direct me to the correct page. Could you please resend me the correct link?


go to, click on the webMethods link, then on “Web Services Stack”…

Hi Doug,
Could you please let me know how could I download CentraSite Eclipse plugin for Designer 7.2? Akshith has referred to “use CentraSite perspective while in Designer” in his response. I couldn’t find this perspective on Designer as I believe I don’t the appropriate plugin installed.