"Add" for webMethods related Assets greyed out

We’re using Community 9.5 and within Asset Catalog within the UI…when right clicking on any of the webMethods asset types (IS Server, IS Service, etc etc)…the ‘Add new ***’ option is greyed out. I also went into Designer within the CS Search and Browse perspective…Asset Types tab…trying to add an asset doesn’t have any of the webMethods asset types in the types drop down.

Is there something I need to do to activate these types and make them available?

What’s strange is I’m able to publish a flow service from Designer and it also creates an IS Server asset when I do this, so why can’t I add them any other way?

Thanks, Diane

Hi Diane,
the webMethods AssetTypes are meant to be populate from the webMethods Suite products like Service Development Perspective in Designer. Normally a few mandatory things are needed which are provided automatically by the webMethods tools. You can create Services and Applications out-of-the-box e.g. what did you have in mind, what is the use case to not use webMethods products?

I was mostly just surprised it didn’t let me add WM type assets within CentraSite itself. I had added some of our IS servers as Application Servers beings it didn’t let me add IS Server, then when I published a flow service it added the IS Server I had published from which was a surprise…so then I had to go and delete the Application Server. In order to get all 3 of my clustered IS Servers within CentraSite so that I could show my w.s. being deployed on all of them I had to do a republish from each of them to get those IS Servers added…it would just be easier to be able to add them within CS.

Or be able to add them via Designer… I am in Designer and within the CentraSite Search and Browse perspective…should I be able to add assets like IS Server? I went to the Asset Types tab, checked IS Server and refreshed the display in the Contents view…I see those already defined…clicked on the plus sign to add another one and the drop down doesn’t contain IS Server. I hate to have to publish from each IS Server just to get the IS Server asset itself added to CS. Is there another way to get this accomplished?