disabling "browse as guest" in CS 8.2


I’m trying to disable the ‘browse as guest’ capability in CentraSite 8.2.
i can’t find this option in the documentation.
Did anyone already try ?

Another question, a lit bit correlated, Is it possible to disable the button ‘Add Asset’ for a user or a group,
I would like to have the same behaviour than the one when you’re logued as guest user, a grey button that do nothing ?

Thanks in advance


Hi Patrick,

I’m not sure if this is the proper solution but you can do as follows:

  1. Stop Software AG Tomcat
  2. Find plugin.xml at \profiles\CTP\workspace\webapps\PluggableUI\CentraSiteControl
  3. Get a backup of it
  4. In plugin.xml find the lines below and change the value attributes to something other than “guest”
<extension point="com.softwareag.cis.plugin.parameter" id="guestUser" value="guest" />
<extension point="com.softwareag.cis.plugin.parameter" id="guestPassword" value="guest" />
  1. Restart Tomcat


Hello Mehmet,

thanks a lot for the reply !
It’s not perfect but it’s work

Probably you already solved this, but at least it will be useful for someone else.

You can solve this by adding / removing the “Asset Provider” role from the group.
Check the roles in the documentation: