How to handle an incoming EDIINT message in TN ?


in WM 9.6 we are receiving a EDIINT message where the payload UNEDIFACT DELFOR04:A.

We submit the EDIINT payload to TN. In TN Transaction view the EDIINT Documenttype is recognized.
We already defined a document type for DELFOR04:A and setup a processing rule for mapping the
payload to a SAP Idoc.

But TN does not recognize the EDIINT payload. And does not trigger the recognition of the Doctype
of the payload.

Am i missing some configuration to get TN do something with incoming EDIINT Message ?

Best regards,

Hello Sebastian,

After submitting the payload to TN it will directly invoke default EDIINT doc type and processing rule . In default processing rule you can give your service which will convert EDIINT data to SAP IDoc

Sebastian – You might have done something wrong in TN processing, please cross check.


Sebastian – Issue might be with your configuration, please cross check once the TN flow.



When the partner uses a URL other than wm.EDIINT:receive to send data to your TN, note that the property, ‘wm.EDIINT.receiverURLs’, must be configured for EDIINT. The new URL(s) must be appended to the value of this property. Else, the EDI documents will be Ignored as Invalid EDI documents. Trailing slash also has significance



Check the content-type of the payload.
If content-type of the payload does not belong to baseType in wm.EDIINT.rules:processPayload service, it will do nothing.