how to get webmethods cloud URL


Im new to Web methods cloud . can any one tell how to create cloud URL

Please see this page -

How do you login to your Cloud Tenant? Then go to the “ FlowEditor”
Just put the same URL here in your ONPREM IS. Same credentials and it should work.

Thanks Srikanth.

Im referring same Link… How to create cloud URL. im Bit Confused…


you are not “creating an Cloud URL”, you are giving the Cloud URL from your related webMethods.IO tenant and use your respective account details for the access. It might be an good idea to setup an application account for the same.

e.g in EU:

The URL is like:

In case you not yet have one please look here:
You can get an 30 days “try out” instance there.

Yes this will be your cloud account URL and assuming you are trying to setup on-prem IS WmCloud account settings?

The URL format looks like:

For Legacy Integration Cloud account URL hook up, please watch this:


Thanks a lot My issue resloved

Glad to hear that Aneel :)-