Webmethods Integration cloud to On premise server connectivity


I have a basic doubt while configuring the webmethods integration cloud.

I am able to connect my on premise server to the cloud and also able to upload my applications.

When i want to test the application which i loaded in cloud, I am gettiing an exception stating,

com.softwareag.integratioblive.integrationliveexception: response not received within 60000 millisecends.

I think the connection request is getting timed out

How does the Integration cloud connect to my on premise server, i dont think we do any configuration in cloud giving on premise server details. How does this communication happen? Is this initiated by on premise server and does the integration cloud use the same?

Can someone throw more light on this please.


Hi Ganesh,
Could check whether the connection in your on-premises Integration Server is enabled?



Thanks for your reply.

This is not getting enabled when we try to enable it.


There will be UM layer between on-premise wM Integration Server and wM Integration cloud.
It seems the request is getting timed out. Is there a complex logic written on your On-Premise IS service?

Remove all logic and put a DebugLog and check if the service execution is happening properly or not.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

In the On-premise Account settings, can you provide your public ip address (Put the search string “which is my ip” in google to know your public ip address) and upload the account/application and see whether it works.