Install WM on cloud


Can we install WM on cloud ? Is it feasible to do it ? where will i get more information on this ?

Hi Ganesha,

This feature is there on the road-map.


Hi Ramu,

When can we expect this ?

Hi Ganesha,

You can expect it before the current year end.


Good info :slight_smile:


Hi All,

What is this “installing WM on cloud”.Is it not like installing wM on cloud like AWS or it is something new features.


There are 2 scenrios here I can think of:

Running webMethods in a cloud provider like AWS.
Using the webMethods Integration Cloud hosted by Software AG (Details here:

Wether it makes sense depends of you integration needs, maiinly where the applications you are using, are hosted. Having webMethods in the cloud makes only sense (imho) if you integration cloud applications. If all your other apps are running on premise I do not see the added value. The most common scenario is hyprid integration, where cloud integrations are integrated using webmethods Integration cloud and on premie applications use on site webMethods or (if it’s only a view) a on site integration agent. Both can directly integrate with the webMethods Integration cloud.

Now you can upload your on-premise Integration Server as a docker instance to webMethods Integration Cloud.
For demo, take a look at - YouTube

Good to know about this feature existence :smiley: Thanks!