On-premise IS to webMethods Integration Cloud issue

Hi Experts,

I am facing On-premise IS to webMethods Integration Cloud connection issue, actually I am trying to establish a connection from integration server to webMethods cloud server, what I did means

  1. In integration server "webMethods Cloud > Settings " in setting tab I have passed username, password and webmethods cloud url.

  2. I tried to create On-Promises account ( webMethods Cloud > Accounts > Create Account ) under create account tab in IS admin page, I have passed Enable=yes, Alias Name=“TestConnection”, Description=“Test connection”, Stage=“Development”,
    Maximum reconnection attempts=5, Request Timeout=60000, Time to Live=60, Allowed on-Premises Hosts=, Run As User=Administrator,

Here Allowed on-Premises Hosts= , I tried with my system IP and UM IP, both one by one tried, but not useful.

once I fill the details, when I click " Test Account Setting" button, I am receiving below error,

com.softwareag.is.integrationlive.IntegrationLiveSessionCreateException: com.pcbsys.nirvana.client.nRealmUnreachableException: Realm is currently not reachable:Realm was still unreachable after max retry count - 5

But my UM server is running fine, I have tested it from IS to UM , it is working fine, but why I am getting above error message ? while trying to enable Account details in webMethods cloud table , I am facing this issue, actually I am using 10.3 trail version components.

Please help me how to resolve this issue, if any one faced this kind of issues earlier, please tell me the way to resolve this issue.

Please find attached document with error description details.

Thanks in advance…!


Realm issue.docx (81.1 KB)

Hi Varun,

Is there any firewall/proxy configured in your network?
and which data center are you connecting?

webmethodscloud.com - For US Data center
webmethodscloud.de - For Frankfurt Data center
webmethodscloud.eu - For Ireland Data center