On-Premise Account - Error

When I’m trying to enable On-Premise Account configured on on-premise Integration Server I got the following error (see attached print screen). Any hints? Did I miss any configuration related to UM Cluster on Integration Cloud?.
I’ve already configured Settings related to weMethods Cloud (with no error).


Hello Patryk,

Even I am also facing the same kind of problem when I try to enable the on-premise account the following error is being occurring. Even my realm server is in up state.

Though I’m facing the same issue.

“com.softwareag.is.integrationlive.IntegrationLiveSessionCreateException: com.pcbsys.nirvana.client.nSecurityException: User=miracle not authorised on Realm Server nSessionAttributes:conns=3/[nhps://chf-wmcprod-um001-ext.webmethodscloud.com:443/, nhps://chf-wmcprod-um002-ext.webmethodscloud.com:443/, nhps://chf-wmcprod-um003-ext.webmethodscloud.com:443/]. Error: class com.pcbsys.nirvana.client.nSessionNotConnectedException - The session is not currently connected to the server. Unable to perform the request:Session with the Realm has been disconnected”

Though the Account is not in enabled state, I could upload the Account to the cloud. There I can see this account in Applications menu. But, finally I couldn’t able to load data from the application and I’m getting an error please see attached screen shot for your ref.

Do I must enable the Account in order to load from the on-premise application in cloud ??

please give me some hints on it.